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Using Electricity for Money
Could America Become a Tax-free State? (Yes)
The Platform of the Infrastructure Party
The Buckeye Game - Teaching Kids Modern Values (But What Values?)
Are The Casinos Crooked? (Is the Earth Round?)
How To Buy A Congressman
TWO Gambling Systems That Work at Home, But Not in the Casinos
John Scarne on Crooked Casinos (A Man Who Knows)
Beat The House - 1st 7 Chapters FREE!
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Frederick Lembeck, Author & Journalist
55 Bethune Street, #826H
New York, NY  10014 USA
(212) 255-7871


Using Electricity for Money

     No, not electricity in storage batteries but dollar-sized slips of paper that you can use to pay your electric bill, a kilowatt for a kilowatt, along with everything else in life that you have to pay for. 
     That's what gives them value, everyone everywhere can use them to pay their electric bill.  Which makes them a practical medium of exchange.
     The advantage over dollars or euros?  Like gold or silver, the value of a kilowatt can never be inflated by politicians.  (God not man made electricity, the same way God not man made gold and silver.)

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Could America Become a Tax-free State?

    Yes it could.  Not quickly, but yes it could.  Have a read.

Click Here for a Tax-free America


The Platform of the Infrastructure Party

     An Emergency Party to save America's hide. (Talk about radical!)
     Is America's hide worth saving?  If you say Yes, this is for you.

Click Here for the Infrastructure Party Platform



    Got a whistle to blow?  Blow it here.
    It'll get checked out, and if it's for real, the public will hear about it. Start at the beginning and don't use too many pronouns. Feel free to use an alias.


Frederick Lembeck's

     To ask a question, send it as an email. Then look for the answer on the Q & A blog.

     (If there's no answer, someone already asked that question, or it's personal.)

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Teaching Students Modern Values
(But What Values?)

    There are four different versions of the Buckeye Game - Capitalist, Marxist, Laissez-faire and Deist.
    These four compete to see which does the best job of raising the standardized test scores.
    Which do you think will get the best results?

Click Here for The Buckeye Game

Are The Casinos Crooked?
     If a dog's hind leg was as crooked as the casinos the poor beast wouldn't be able to walk. 
     Why doesn't anybody do anything about it? 
     See what it takes to find an American politician who doesn't receive GENEROUS campaign contributions from the casino lobby (in exchange for turning a blind eye).  


The Hotel Doesn't Run the Swindle, the Casino Operating Company Does!
     A casino is run by a casino operating company (a subcontractor) not by the hotel company which actually owns the casino. (They're hotel men. What do they know about running casinos?)
     The dealers & pit bosses swindling the public with the crooked gaming equipment are ALWAYS PART OWNERS of the operating company. This is what keeps things secret. (Even from the casino owner, who often gets swindled too, e.g., the Native American tribes who think their pittance is the whole of it.) 
     If you ever get the chance, ask Hugh Hefner why the Playboy Casino failed.  That'll be one of the better chapters in his Memoirs. 


Scarne on Crooked Gaming Equipment

     Nobody knows like Scarne.  He was the greatest gambling pro America ever produced.  Read what HE has to say about crooked gaming equipment.  Quite a bit different from the slick ads you see on TV.  

Click Here to Read John Scarne on How Crooked Gaming Equipment Works


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